Scholarships Opportunities

Two scholarships per age group are available for the 2022 My Mobile Soccer Academy events this year.

KidsAfrik wants to reach as many kids as possible to benefit from the beautiful game of soccer. Not only is it the greatest game ever, but we feel that learning a sport offers many benefits to kids, such as being part of a team, learning how to get along with others, how to be a graceful winner, and also being able to deal with the disappointment of losing. Playing a sport gives kids a focus and may even keep them on the path to becoming healthy adults.

Sometimes the cost of investing in a sport is the obstacle for families’ participation and we want as many to benefit as possible so we are providing scholarships for kids based on school performance and family income. We are providing two scholarships for each age group for every winter session.

Summer Advanced Skills Training Camp at Hopkins Academy July 11-15.

To apply for a scholarship:

1) E-mail a letter of interest (one paragraph) by March 30.
2) Fill out the scholarship application.

Our selections will be made through a lottery system and we will let you know by email.

Thank you for supporting us and our mission.

KidsAfrik Scholarship Committee