2023-24 Indoor Training at

Allsport, Northampton

Session 1: Dec 2 – Dec 23

Session 2:  Jan 6 – Feb 3
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Session 3: Feb 10- Mar 16
(5- week session – No classes Feb 17)

Session 4: Mar 23 –  Apr 6
(3-week session)

Ages    Time Slots

5-6         12pm-1pm

7-8          1pm-2pm

11-14     2pm-3pm

9-10      3pm-4pm

In case you want to verify if our training will not conflict with the leagues games on Saturday at Allsport, below are the estimated time slots for the Boys’ league games. Girls League games are on Sundays.

Allsport Schedule

Our Indoor Program

A little bit of what you as parents, and players, should expect from our weekly training sessions. Most of our focus is to train our players to be comfortable with the soccer ball, by utilizing during our small-sided scrimmages the skill learned during our one-on-one training, Our focus is mostly on how to keep possession of the ball at all times as a player and as a team. We mostly play three on three during our scrimmages. Groups of three are what a player is always presented on the field of play. It doesn’t matter what number of players are on the field, soccer is composed of a combination of triangles at all times. We hope that in addition to skill development, we can also educate your child to understand these triangles and how to see themselves and their teammate within this formation. Other skills that we try to teach your child are shielding, receiving, dribbling and eventually, in the future, how to properly train for tryouts for local teams, high school, college and possibly beyond.
Our hope is that everyone who signed up for our program is actually looking at this as an investment. Remember, even if your child is simply coming for the joy and fun of the game and not looking forward to making any future soccer team, it is still an investment. We want to work hard with you and make sure you get the best for your investment. We highly recommend that your child practices these skills for about 20-30 minutes, about three times a week before our next session to get the most benefit from the training. When these skills are not practiced, it is difficult to move on to the next skill, as every week we have new material following the week before. Each session should be building in the prior session. Please know this is an ongoing learning process and we don’t expect your child to be ready to master the learned skills at the next scrimmage, or even after the first or second 6-week session. It all depends on the child and the work that he/she is ready to do, including letting go of old habits and gaining new ones. Sometimes it is much easier to teach a new player that has never played the game than teach one that has played the game for a long time differently. I have trained players beyond 30 years-old and they have discovered the game a whole new way and now enjoyed their newfound passion. It takes work and patience to learn new skills and eventually new habits. When the proper time and effort is given, we guarantee that you’ll see the changes in your child’s game. Our first and most important goal is for your child to enjoy his/her new way of playing whether it leads them to future higher-level soccer, or not.